Join us at the Business Women’s Conference – 25 May 2016

  The book will be on sale, bring your credit card                 Warm Regards Phumelele Ndumo Financial Advisor BCom, H.Dip Computer Auditing, Masters in Business Leadership Like us on Facebook Like us on LinkedIn Subscribe to our newsletter on the top right hand corner of this page      […]

Tune into UkhoziFM Wednesday mornings 7h45

Tune into UkhoziFM Wednesday mornings at 7h45. Phumelele will be speaking to Sipho Dj Sgqemeza Mbatha and Zama Ngcobo about money issues that affect most of us. In May, she will be talking about issues that affect many mothers e.g. 7 Lessons that Mothers must teach their kids about money Single moms and parenting – […]

How Will You Pay the Balloon payment on your car?

So how will you pay the balloon payment on your car? Whenever I ask this question to my customers, I am met with a look of confusion. Many people buy cars on residual yet they have no idea how they are going to pay the residual when it falls due. Zazi* is one such person. […]

Single Mom – are you destined for a life of financial hardship?

Over the years, single moms have been approaching me bemoaning how difficult life can be as a single parent. They ask me to write or address their particular plight. I have never taken any consideration to this until recently. On Saturday, 9th of April, I addressed people at the event that took place in Sunninghill. […]

I am a half millionaire! Thanks to PhuthumaNathi

Sesi phoned and I was in a meeting so I asked her to sms. She smsed back saying “ I bought shares for R30 000 in 2006, now I am a half millionaire! Thanks to PhuthumaNathi . I called her as soon as I finished my meeting. Before I could say a word, she was […]

Commandments for Success

Interest rates are increasing which means we are paying more for home loans, car loans, personal loans and other debts. Can you still afford to keep your home and your car? Some of us are affected by retrenchments. Food prices are going up. Divorce rates are also increasing. There are still school and university fees […]

2016 – Exercise Financial Discipline or Sink

2016 is going to be a difficult year for some of us. The weak Rand, the drought which will result in even higher food prices, rising inflation, increases in interest rates – those of us who own houses have already started feeling the pinch of higher interest rates on our bond repayments, high water and […]