Are you going to depend on your children in old age?

I have a chance to look at people’s budgets on a daily basis. I continue to see how we neglect saving for retirement. Many of us live as if we will be Forever Young. Entrepreneurs are the worst when it comes to saving for retirement. They do not have any pension and they do not […]

Over 13 000 copies sold, Thank You AECOM

Over 13 000 copies of the book From Debt to Riches, Steps to Financial Success have been sold. A BIG thank you goes to AECOM’s HR Director for the African Region, Ms Glenda van Wyk for buying copies for her female staff and for inviting me to address them, Ngiyabonga What has been said about […]

WOMAN, Look after your money

I met Sis Irene briefly over a year ago in Pretoria. I was presenting at a Women’s day function. We exchanged numbers and she called me this year asking me to help her structure and invest her package as she was taking voluntary retrenchment. As I walked into the boardroom, she shared with me her […]

Have you made the most of your Tax – Free Savings yet?

National Treasury introduced tax free savings accounts (TFSA). From 1 March this year, we can all invest in tax free investments. This means that any interest, dividends and capital gains will not be taxed if you use the (TFSA). You can invest up to a maximum of R30 000 in TFSA in a tax year. […]

What are you teaching your children about money?

As we come to the end of the youth month, I reflected about how little I knew about money when I started working and why you want your kids to be money wise as soon as possible Many parents are shirking their responsibility when it comes to teaching their children about money. Some parents give […]

Will Your Daughter be able to say NO to a Sugar Daddy?

What I am about to share with you below is an indecent proposal from a Sugar Daddy to a daughter of one of my customers. The mother shared this story with me at the end of one of the Mothers’ Day address I did in May. Sugar Daddy driving slowly near the girl in his […]

Do you need a Government Grant to Grow Your Business?

As a financial advisor, some of my customers are business people. I worry when I see some of them taking out huge bank loans to fund the growth of their businesses without considering grants that Government offers so I thought I should write this article to inform you about grants available to business owners. The […]