Helping South Africans become as wealthy as possible 

Phumelele Ndumo is the founder and MD of Thuthuka. She offers personalised keynote addresses as well as workshops that teach ordinary South Africans how to avoid common mistakes and build their wealth.

Lindo Sibisi joined Thuthuka SA in (2010) and together with Phumelele, they have built an extensive database of subscribers who receive tips regularly from Thuthuka SA, tips that help South Africans to stay focused on good strategies to keep and grow their money.

Thuthuka SA’s history has a number of highlights, including a South African bestseller and top-100 non-fiction ranking for From Debt to Riches. Phumelele has been featured on a number of radio and tv shows as well as in print media. She hosts a talk on Ukhozi FM  every Wednesday.

And the company is not slowing down. There is a growing team of people behind Thuthuka SA who are constantly working to build products and services to help South Africans with financial wisdom to help them become as wealthy as possible.

Many companies define success based on the money that flows into the company coffers, but at Thuthuka SA, we prefer to define our success by the number of lives that have been changed. There are so many people who have shared with us how they are getting out of debt, how they are opening investment accounts to pay university fees for their children, how they are now buying homes and downgrading their cars to make financial security a reality.

We exist to give common-sense and straight talking help to ordinary South Africans. We’d love to hear from you about your own journey with money management and how we can help that next step in your path towards financial security.


Thuthuka SA has a dream that all South Africans are able to learn good money management skills. For this reason, talks are offered at no cost to women, high school learners, university students and disadvantaged communities. At these talks, Thuthuka SA asks audience members to purchase a copy of From Debt to Riches as a reference guide and if they find it useful, to donate their book or a copy to another person who will benefit from the right way to manage money.

If you are interested in arranging a free talk, please email and tell us who will be in the audience, where you would like to arrange it, a date range and your motivation for requesting the talk.