How we help stokvels to grow their money

When Ntobeko called me a few weeks ago wanting to know if we could help their stokvel to invest their funds rather than keep them in the savings account, I realised that I needed to pay due attention to stokvels and their members.  As we spoke about her stokvel,...

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From Debt to Riches Review by Hazel Mantshiu

Please see below the review by Hazel. I’m just so happy that these young people were given the opportunity to understand money principles early in their careers and even more happy that they are breaking the stereotype that millenials don’t understand money. I have no...

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Why your stokvel should invest with us

I have watched how stokvels start contributing money from January of each year and come December, they spend it all on groceries and they start all over again in January of the following year. Many stokvels at this point are NOT aiming to grow their...

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