What happens when we die?

I get numerous questions from people whose parents or spouses have died and they are not sure what is going on. Often, the estate takes too long to be wound up or properties are sold and there is conflict and confusion about what is going on. To give just one example;...

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7 Things To Do if you are RETRENCHED

Retrenchment is a difficult time and fear can cause the affected person to take decisions that are not in their best interests out of lack of knowledge. Far too many people waste a lot of their money especially by paying a lot of tax to SARS because they don’t seek...

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Will your pension be used to bail out Eskom?

I read with sadness that Government is considering using GEPF funds to bail out Eskom and other struggling SOEs. The fund is worth R1,8 trillion and is reported to have had a long - term funding surplus of R9,1 billion in 2006. But by 2018, the fund surplus is gone...

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