Are you an A or a B mother?

Enjoy Mothers day!

If you are not a mother, please send this to the mothers you know.
How will your children remember you?

“My mom used to buy us reasonable clothes on cash. We didn’t have all the luxury we wanted e.g. the best cellphones, ipads, ipods, designer clothes, DSTV, etc…”. When we finished high school, we had nothing to worry about because she had saved for our university education. I’m now happy and finally understand why she had to say NO to our endless demands. We are now all professionals”

“My mother used to buy us all we needed and wanted. We had blackberries, ipods, DSTV, and some of the best designer clothes. When we finished high school, there was no money to send us to university. We had to find jobs straight after high school and life has been hard since.”

Most kids are the same. They will continue to make demands after demands and they never seem to say, thank you –  I have all I need. It is upon us as parents to say NO sometimes. If your kids are pushing you and you feel trapped at being a B Mother, send them this email and tell them you want to be an A Mother.
Do you know about Fundisa? If not, please read pages 182 to 185 of the book From Debt to Riches or phone 0860 386 3472 to find out about Fundisa. This could make a difference between whether you will be able to send your kids to varsity or not.

I would like to hear from you too. Are you are an A or a B mother? I’m fighting battles daily to say NO to the endless “needs” and be an A Mother myself
Enjoy Mother’s Day

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