Who said Blacks don’t read?

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When I was busy writing my first book, 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes, skeptics and myself including were doubtful. Everyone told me Blacks don’t read. That first book was completely sold out, all 3000 copies gone – it is no longer available anywhere. Having sold 5 169 copies so far of the 2nd book From Debt to Riches: Steps to Financial success, I must say I beg to differ – Blacks DO read. I am NOT a politician or a celebrity; I am virtually unknown & no, I don’t have contacts in high places yet the book is now an SA best seller. Have you been thinking about writing a book?  Go ahead & just do it. You have nothing to lose. My favourite saying is “it is better to have tried and failed than failing to try”. Who knows, you might even beat my record J.

I also want to say I wrote the book for all South Africans, not just Black South Africans. I’m often asked why the book is doing so well. I believe it is doing well because it is giving solutions to issues that bother most of us daily. Who doesn’t want to get out of debt? Who doesn’t want to know how to tackle a garnishee order? Who doesn’t want to own a home and use it to create wealth for himself or herself? Who doesn’t want to buy shares and actually see their money grow beyond their wildest dreams? Who doesn’t want to know what relationship they have with money and what relationship their spouse- to- be has with money? Who doesn’t want to know what their budget says about them? Who doesn’t want to have enough money to send their kids to university when they finish matric? Who doesn’t want to know if the car they own is driving their destiny or not? Who doesn’t want to get rich? These are just some of the many issues I address in this small book. As they say, diamonds come in small packets. Next time you visit CNA, Exclusives or Adams bookshop, make sure you get yourself a copy of this small yet very informative book. It is indeed an empowering read.

Maybe many people don’t buy books because most of the books have not been written with them in mind? I would love to hear your thoughts. I believe we need to change the way we think about ourselves. Knowledge is power and we have to begin to write and read books that improve our knowledge and make us better off than we were before we read the book. Please write to me at I would love to know if you still think that the statement “Blacks don’t read” is true.

From Debt to Riches

Phumelele is the author of the SA best seller From Debt to Riches available at CNA and Exclusives for only R134 a copy

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