Commandments for Success

Interest rates are increasing which means we are paying more for home loans, car loans, personal loans and other debts. Can you still afford to keep your home and your car? Some of us are affected by retrenchments. Food prices are going up. Divorce rates are also increasing. There are still school and university fees to grapple with and a lot more. Join me in Sunninghill on the 9th of April as we talk about how we can manage our money, in good and bad times, so we increase our chances for financial success.

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9 April 2016 AdPhumelele is now a Financial Advisor. If you need a financial advisor, you can contact her office at or call 011 781 3351 or 063 034 2532

The book is available at CNA, Exclusives, Adams and other bookshops for only R134 a copy. The price of the book will increase to R145.00 effective 14 March 2016 so hurry and buy one before the price increase. We have sold close to 15 000 copies of the book already


Phumelele Ndumo

Financial Advisor

BCom, H.Dip Computer Auditing, Masters in Business Leadership

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