Why Our Graduates are doing better financially

Over the years, I have had the opportunity of being invited by several universities to address their students on money management. I usually spend 1 – 2 hours addressing them and we tackle various money subjects e.g. debt management, budgeting, investments, the Dos and Don’ts of buying a car, Black Tax, buying a home, etc… It is always a humbling to see how some of the students write back to acknowledge how the talks and on-going articles help them later on in life. Below is an email from Celiwe Sibeko, she is a graduate from Maharishi Institute and is now our customer.

Hi Sis Phume,
I recently lost my father. His passing was very unexpected and sudden.
When I first started working I wanted to start saving but you advised me to not only save to secure my financial future but to also plan for life’s unexpected challenges. So I took out a life cover plan that comes with a funeral benefit for my family.
I am glad that I made that decision and took your advice
Thank you for everything.

In my experience, an average young graduate does NOT have life cover and they don’t think about the possibility that they or their loved ones could pass on unexpectedly. It is even more sad to see those who are already parents refusing to take life cover. The sad reality is that when such unexpected deaths happen, the very young graduates might end up having to take personal loans to bury their loved ones and then they complain about Black Tax. So I am glad that we are seeing a shift in the way young graduates who go through our money management program handle money. If you are a young graduate and you want to know what we recommend for young graduates, drop us an email so we can send you Our Starter Pack for Young Graduates.
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