The 2nd Industrial Revolution & why you must invest in the 4IR

Can you imagine how much horse manure there would be in cities and towns if we still used horses to move around? The 2nd industrial revolution ensured that the problem of horse manure all over the streets of big cities was dealt with. Industrial revolutions change things as we know them into a new way of doing things and hopefully the new way is better and more friendly to the environment amongst other things. Most importantly, capital and investments follow industrial revolutions which is why you must invest in the 4IR if you want to earn good returns on your investment. Sygnia 4IR global equity fund returned 66.5% in the period January to December 2020

What was the Second Industrial Revolution?

In the first part of this newsletter, I wrote that before the first industrial revolution took place, we were in the fields tilling soil. Then the first industrial revolution occurred around the 1780s and it took out of the fields into the factories. The 1st industrial revolution used water and steam power to mechanise production.

In the 1870s, the 2nd industrial revolution took place. Prior to this, rich people moved around in horses and horse carriages and public transport carriages were pulled by horses. London had 50 000 horses and New York had 100 000 horses and there were millions of pounds of horse manure everywhere causing flies and disease

The 2nd Industrial Revolution

The essence of the 2nd Industrial Revolution was the harnessing of electric power to create mass production.
Henry Ford was the main driver behind the 3rd IR with the introduction of the first combustion engines. His vision was that every person should afford a car and he mass produced Model T Ford. Aeroplanes and moving pictures were also new technologies that were introduced in the late 1800s

The Model T is Ford’s universal car that put the world on wheels. The Model T was introduced to the world in 1908. Henry Ford wanted the Model T to be affordable, simple to operate, and durable. … The Model T was manufactured on the Ford Motor Company’s moving assembly line at Ford’s revolutionary Highland Park Plant.

High carbon footprint  and the pollution of the environment demand that combustion engines be replaced by cleaner energy.

In the next newsletter, we will write about the 3rd industrial revolution. If you are ready to invest in the 4th Industrial revolution global equity fund, email The world is indeed changing and finance is following the new world order

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