Steps to take if you are facing retrenchment – RADIO INTERVIEW

Retrenchments seem to be on-going and hopefully these guidelines will help you cope better, if you are facing retrenchment.

In this interview, we address the following;

  1. If someone is retrenched and they have a car loan, a home loan, credit cards, personal loans, overdraft and clothing store accounts – which of these debts should they pay first & why?
  2. What is the most important fact that someone facing retrenchment should understand about Tax?
  3. How can someone who is facing retrenchment do to avoid paying too much tax?
  4. How can someone adjust or use their monthly budget to cope better with retrenchment?
  5. What is the single most important expense that one should try and keep at all costs even if they are getting retrenched?

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