How the delay cost Noni R1Mil

After consulting with her, I recommended that she took life cover. I strongly recommended critical illness cover of R1mil. This was due to the fact that there is a history of  breast cancer in the family. However, as is sometimes the case, she got the quotes and she never signed them. This was in September 2021

She recently went for a mammogram and sadly, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The long and short of it is that she will not be covered for breast cancer by any insurance company. Had she signed for the life cover 9 months ago, she would have received the R1mil and would have had the funds to assist her with whatever medical and other costs that will arise

So if you are young and you are reluctant to sign up for life cover, please note that you might find that when you need it the most, it will no longer be available to you. The best time to take life cover, critical illness cover, etc… is when you are young and you have not been diagnosed with any serious illness. Once you have an illness, the existing disease is excluded from your insurance policy and your life cover monthly payments also become expensive

I hope this will help other young people who are not sure of why it is important to have life cover while they are still young and healthy

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