17 Reasons to save & Invest Money

We are already in the 2nd week of the Savings Month. We want to share with you some of the most important reason why we should all save money. Hopefully this will help you to kickstart your savings. When you are ready, give us a tinkle or email

  1. Save some of the money you earn so you have money for a rainy day, a rainy day will come for all of us
  2. Save money so that when you want to buy your first car, you don’t buy the car on balloon but you can even put down a deposit
  3. Save money even if you don’t know why you are saving – you will be happy one day that you saved
  4. Save money so when you want to buy a home, you have a deposit and you can get a good rate of interest
  5. Save so you can pay school fees in advance at the beginning of each academic year, you might even get a discount too
  6. Save you can pay lobola, without using a credit card!
  7. Save so you can go on holiday using your savings, and not a credit card
  8. Those who don’t save use personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts & these are expensive and they get trapped in debt

  1. Save so you have money for varsity fees for your kids
  2. Save you can benefit from compound growth
  3. Cash is queen when it comes to buying depreciating items e.g. furniture, appliances, etc… – save so you can buy such items cash
  4. Save so you can retire financially comfortable one day
  5. Save so you have cash to spend with friends & family for December holidays
  6. Wanna start a business one day? Save so you have start-up capital
  7. Planning to send kids to private school? Save now, even if they are not born yet
  8. What if you lose your job? Save so you have some cash to cope for a while
  9. Save extra money in your home loan so you build equity fast, reduce interest and term of loan

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