24 November 2022, MPC to increase interest rates again – PODCAST

Life is continuing to be more expensive for most of us as interest rates continue to increase. The MPC will be increasing interest rates again on the 24th of November. So if you are struggling with your monthly repayments, wait NO longer. Seek advice ASAP before your credit record is impaired. A healthy credit record is critical because it gives you options but once you are in arrears or have a negative report in your credit profile, you are stuck and you might end up losing your home. So it is important to act before it is too late. There are various options you have but reducing your debts is one of the best things you can do. We will share with you possible areas where you could get cash out to reduce your debts so that you can cope with your monthly payments, especially on your home loan. Interest rates will stabilize at some point so it is important that you do not let the current cycle of increases to result in you losing your home.

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The courage to sell your car & get out of debt

This is one of the options you could pursue, if you also own a car and especially if your car was bought on balloon and is costing you a lot of money in monthly instalments.

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