Black Friday Sale

While we all enjoy retail therapy, please ensure that you can afford it this Black Friday. With the continued rate hikes and slow economic growth, it’s important that your nice-to-haves and Christmas presents are purchased using cash and not credit.

At least have the peace of mind knowing that you did get 15% off your purchases.  Do not use a credit card or personal loan because you will pay +-20% interest.

At ThuthukaSA when we review credit reports and ask our customers why they have a personal loan/credit card/revolving credit, in many cases the customer will tell us that they purchased longue suites, bedroom suites, and even holidays that they are still paying for because of the Black Friday hype.

Here are a few Black Friday tips:

  • Buy what you need
  • Buy online so that you are not filling your trolley – this also saves time and petrol
  • Compare specials with different stores before you check out your cart
  • Don’t buy on credit – consider saving for Black Friday from January so that you are adequately prepared
  • Consider speaking to your stokvel to get your savings early

As we approach the end of 2023, we would like to encourage you to join #MoneyGoals2023 or to open an investment account that will help you budget for Black Friday better.

If you do not have an investment account, please contact us and we will assist you to open one.

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