Our Life Cover Review Can Save You Money

our industry leading comparative analysis could save you money!

Tumi* contacted us through Facebook after seeing various updates and posts on how our life cover review was saving our customers money. In addition, customers have the option to increase the benefits and many have also opted to receive a bonus payable at 65 .

Below is an example of her comparative analysis:

Old funeral policy:

The purple is the previous insurer where she was paying R421.00 for funeral cover of R10 000 for herself and four relatives (a total of five people were insured).

New life cover policy:

  1. A life cover payout of R2 million (her death benefit in red) with a premium of R167,99. The old policy was more expensive and had no life cover, just funeral cover only
  2. A bonus payable to her at age 65 which is R566 785.
  3. She was able to add five relatives for funeral with reduced premiums and also cover her child for a total premium of R398.51.

Note: life cover premiums are age and risk dependent and are not determined by ThuthukaSA.

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