Bongi’s* Long Road Out Of Debt

Bongi*  is slowly but surely getting out of debt. She approached us in November 2023. She was using her store credit card and a bank credit card to buy food and she knew that this had to stop.

We advised her to use her bonus to pay off some of her debts. She got a bonus of R43 000 on 15 December 2023. She used the bonus to settle her car R23 099 and a store card R3 797. She is also part of a Stokvel and she received R17 000 from the Stokvel. She then added the R17 000 and the balance of her bonus to pay

R30 000 towards the bank credit card that she was using to buy food.

She told us “And then from my stokvel payout I was left with +/- R3000 which I used towards my late sister’s kids school uniform and stationery. Now I have extra R3 031 of which I will put it towards my credit card to pay it off faster because it has a high interest. Thanks again for schooling me about debts, now I understand the impact it has in our lives”.

Debts paid in full using bonus & Stokvel money:

Her car and her store card are paid in full and she has an additional R3 031p/m available towards her other debts.

See below her proof of payments:

Debt that was partly paid using bonus & Stokvel money:

She paid R30 000 to the credit card and is now owing R13 000. She is going to use the R3 031 available from paying off her car, to pay the balance of R13 000 over the next 4 months. We are looking forward to hearing the good news in May 2024 that the credit card is settled in full and that would give her another R2 106 available per month.

What a way to start the new year! We encourage you to make a change and contact us. We also invite you to join


0(0%) and make a change in your financial goals this year. Stay tuned for an update on her debt free journey!

Bongi* is not her real name.

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