#MoneyGoals4Life Savings Challenge

#MoneyGoals4Life is changing lives, one piggy bank at a time!

The purpose of this savings challenge is to encourage all of our followers and customers to save money for an entire year. Some use the funds towards their December pocket money, others use the money for stationary/uniform for their children and much more!

To be successful, you need to be intentional. R20 – R50 weekly makes a huge difference after a year. We are glad to see parents challenging their children too. Kids are now opting to do house chores in exchange for the money to deposit into their piggy banks. As the saying goes “Monkey see, monkey do” and by including your children, they will quickly learn the benefits of saving money.  

We like to emphasise that all amounts and all types of piggy banks matter! If you are worried about the safety of your piggy bank, we encourage you to open an offshore tax free investment account so that your money is safe and earning interest! But note that the minimum contribution for investment accounts is R500p/m.

As the year has kicked off in full swing, we hope that 2024 is the year that you will take your finances to a new level! Manage your budget, pay off your debts and live within your means. Get into the habit of saving and investing money which will improve your chances of retiring comfortably and have zero money related stress. Join #MoneyGoals4Life today!

Join #MoneyGoals4Life and WhatsApp us your photos on 069 245 0228! Happy saving!

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