TOP 10 Customer Success Stories of 2021

We hope you had a restful holiday and are in top gear. As we start the new year, we took some time reflecting on our customer success stories of 2021. We measure our success by the success of our customers because it is them that keep us going, even in the midst...

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Covid-19 VACCINATION & your life cover

As we continue to help people to reduce their monthly payments for life cover, we have another hoop to jump i.e. vaccination for Covid-19. With the virus having killed millions across the world, insurance companies are now demanding that for some amongst us, proof of...

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Do you want money to buy a car?

We help people to get loans to buy cars, we sell some brands and we also help people to get cash out of their cars e.g. to pay off debt or to use the money to put as a deposit when they buy a home. As we approach Christmas and some among us expect bonuses, we are...

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