Money Management Talks

To celebrate your Women, you can invite Phumelele to come address your women on all or some of the following important matters:

  • Managing our debts, especially credit card debtDifference between good debt and bad debt
  • Ensuring we don’t lose our homes through bank repossessions – I only deal with this where a majority of the people have home loans
  • Making the most of our salaries
  • Effective management of our budgets
  • How we can use our homes to pay school fees – I only deal with this where a majority of the people have home loans
  • How debt counselors assist over indebted people and their fee structure
  • Optimum savings vehicles
  • How to budget and stick to your budget
  • How to ensure your car is not repossessed during these difficult times – if there are lots of people who own cars in the audience
  • Our relationship with money – one night stand? Cash cow? Keeping up with the Joneses? Till death do us part?, etc…
  • Role of the National Credit Regulator
  • How to save for school fees, especially at tertiary levels
  • Budgeting for financial success
  • The impact of debt stress on our health
  • Why we all need life cover. Life cover vs credit life
  • Why we all need to have a will
  • Recipe for financial success
  • Role playing – case study of 2 individuals, who will end up rich? Who are you?
  • Quiz – are you money smart?
  • Implications of the maximum interest rates introduced by the NCA  (National Credit Act)
  • Our rights in terms of the NCA e.g.
    Right to be informed before being listed with a credit bureau
    Right to be informed in writing if loan application is declined
    How to challenge an incorrect credit bureau listing
    Role of debt counselors and
    Debt relief, etc…
  • Understanding debt consolidation and debt restructuring

You can also order a copy of the book for the women as a gift of financial empowerment. Please contact Phumelele at to get a quote.

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