Christmas Money Talk


Christmas is finding us in the middle of a recession. Many people have lost their jobs due to retrenchments and even those that are still employed are fearing for their jobs. Staff morale is at an all time low as most companies won’t even be able to pay bonuses this time. It is important that our employees manage their money very well during this Christmas season especially because January is around the corner and soon, most will have to pay school fees

You can invite Phumelele Ndumo to talk to your staff about the following issues:

  • Their relationship with money, are they Cinderellas, cash cows?, etc…
  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Managing their debts especially credit cards and store cards
  • Why buying furniture on hire purchase could put them in a debt trap
  • Why some debt is good for them, and yet other debt is bad
  • Role of debt counselors
  • The impact of debt stress on their health
  • Recipe for financial success
  • How to save for their children’s university fees,etc…

Duration of the talk: 1 to 2 hours hour
Investment required: R9 800 for up to 50 employees, excluding VAT and travelling costs

Also, you can get a copy of Ndumo’s book as a gift of financial independence for your employees. The book is available from Exclusives bookshop at R123 a copy but if you order more than 10 copies, you can get a copy for R100.



Contact no: 083 258 1527


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