Reduce your car insurance now

Reduce your car insurance now!

Finally, a new era is dawning in South Africa – better late than never! The values of our cars decrease with time and yet we have had to endure annual increases to car insurance premiums. Finally, iWYZE, a new product from Old Mutual, is here to compete with Dial Direct, Outsurance, 1st for Women, Budget, etc…

iWYZE can insure your car for either:
• Market value – the amount an arm’s length buyer would be willing to pay for your car or
• Replacement value – which is what you would have to pay to buy a similar car today.
If you insure your car for market value then a portion of your premiums will automatically reduce as the value of your car reduces. Those of us who want to save on insurance will no doubt go for the market value option. If you need to save yourself some money then visit
Key question you need to ask yourself is this “what if my car never gets stolen or in a car accident?” Because if you are indeed lucky then all the high premiums will go to waste! As for me, I would rather save my money for a new car or put it into good use elsewhere than use it to pay high insurance premiums.

If you indeed go the iWYZE route and reduce your car insurance premiums, you are welcome to send your 1st month’s savings to me. 🙂

Phumelele Ndumo
Phumelele Ndumo

Article written by Phumelele Ndumo; author of the book, 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes and founding MD of ThuthukaSA. Remember to visit our website for more money tips.

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