Free Money Management Talk


Are your employees struggling with lots of debt and they have no idea
where to start to solve the problem?
All of their money goes into garnishee orders, repaying debt, repaying staff loans?
A financially stressed employee is not a productive employee. Boost the morale of your
employees by giving them a gift of financial independence and invite author and speaker, Phumelele Ndumo for an hour talk to your employees.


Choose any five of the topics below:

  • Our relationship with money
  • Good debt vs. bad debt vs. ugly debt
  • Managing our debts especially credit cards
  • Impact of debt stress on our health
  • Impact of HIV/AIDS on home ownership
  • To buy a car or a house?
  • How to manage our home loans
  • What ordinary people do to become financially independent
  • 10 commandments for financial success
  • The role and cost of debt counselors
  • Money & marriage / divorce
  • Make sure you can send your kids to university – Fundisa Fund
  • Using your home to pay school fees
  • The best use for your bonus
  • Investing in the stock exchange

Phumelele Ndumo has published a book, 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes with the sub-title, How to Buy a Home and Educate Your Children Evside-free-talken If You Think You Can’t Afford To.

“ My promise to you is that by the time you finish reading this book, you will be armed with the knowledge of how to afford the basic and important necessities of life, which are buying your own home and giving your children a good education up to at least junior degree level”.

Just imagine what you would do if your home was paid up and you had enough money set aside to send your kids to varsity when they finish their Matric!

My personal motto is “it’s not what you earn that makes a difference, but it is HOW you spend what you earn that counts!”


Benefits to organizations that send their employees to our talks / workshops:

  • More of your employees will reduce their levels of bad or unproductive debt  – this will reduce money-related stress and the possibility of accidents on the job
  • More of your employees will save for tertiary education fees for their children – this  will reduce applications for staff loans and increase satisfaction levels


About Ndumo

phumeOn paper, Phumelele has a BCom degree, a higher diploma in computer auditing and a master’s in business leadership. She has worked in senior positions for three banks in this country. Her last position in the corporate sector was with Metropolitan Retirement Administrators, where she was an executive manager responsible for corporate finance and strategy. Her competencies are finance, auditing, project management and communications. She is currently a non-executive director for a number of entities, including Rand Water and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Phumelele’s passion in life is to see everyone live a life free of bad debt and become financially independent.

To make her mission a reality, she published a book entitled 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes and founded ThuthukaSA. She has sold close to 3000 copies of the book and has run workshops on money management for a number of companies, including ACSA, Metropolitan Retirement Administrators, SA Express, Sedibeng Water and Cida City Campus.

Phumelele also conducts public talks largely addressing women and has run these for the Women In Business of the Durban Chamber of Commerce, ABSA Women Empowerment Conference, Women of Soweto, and others. She has also had two radio programmes with UkhoziFM and GagasiFM, where she addressed listeners on home ownership and personal finances.

She has appeared on SABC 2 Morning Live, 3Talk with Noeleen and on SABC2 Weekend Live, where she spoke about holding on to your home during periods of financial difficulties. She was also featured in the November 2009 issue of O Magazine.

Phumelele Ndumo now writes for True Love. Look out for her Money articles in True Love!


Special request / conditions

  1. Please buy a copy of the book for at least 50% of the employees that attend the talk
  2. A minimum of 50 employees must attend. If you cannot have 50 people then we ask that you at least buy 25 copies of the book
  3. If you are outside Johannesburg, we would be appreciative if you help us to cover our travelling costs

Offer valid till end October 2010

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