Thank You South Africa & Namibia- we have now sold over 6000 copies

Dear Member

6087 copies of the book From Debt to Riches have been sold as at end of July 2013 – thank you, ngiyabonga. I’m sure many of the people who have bought the book are singing “Bye bye debt, Hello Prosperity” :-). If you are outside South Africa and a local bookshop is selling the book, please drop me an email at and let me know so I can thank you formally when we reach the 7000 mark. With August being Women’s month, I hope more women will be buying the book. DO invite me to address your women on issues all money.

Ssshh, I heard in the grapevine that our government is going to China to find out how they get their citizens to save. If you know anyone in this team that is going to China, please tell them NOT to go so far away to get what I can provide them here at home. After all, local is lekker. If they still go, I will report them for fruitless and wasteful expenditure :-)

From Debt to Riches

The book is available for only R134 from Exclusives or CNA near you. If you are struggling to get a copy from a bookshop near you, please order a copy directly from the publisher

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