Over 7000 copies sold, a special thank you to SAPREF

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We have sold over 7000 copies of the book From Debt to Riches. A special thank you goes to Lindiwe Khuzwayo and Cindy Govender of SAPREF in Durban for buying copies for their women. I’m sure the women of Sapref are now financially empowered :-)

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Hello Phumelele,

Thanks for your book “From Debt to Riches”. It is so practical. I think that is your best gift to humanity. I have just finished reading it. I have given a copy to my wife so that we start speaking the same financial language. I will give copies to all my friends on their birthdays.

There is one thing that you did not touch on, which is worrying me. Apart from straight debt (bond, car loan, credit cards etc.), where does monthly expenses like telephone bills, internet accounts etc. fall in? For example, can I classify my telephone contract line as debt? I have no credit cards, car loans, bond etc. but I do have lots of fixed monthly charges in the form of cell phone and internet bills.


Prince Daara || Senior Manager || Dishsat Electronics

Congratulations on your book. What attracted me to your book is the cover…simple and nice. I hesitated buying though because I believed I don’t have much debt. 3 months later I felt the urge to buy the book because I am naturally curious. I am not giving my copy away as I need to refer to it now and again. I actually recommended the book to all my friends and colleagues.


Viwe Mgidi

I struggled to get a copy of your book as the bookshop near me didn’t have a copy but finally I managed to get your book. Thanks very much. I am on my way to financial freedom – climbing still very “steep” though (like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro), but am very happy. Overdraft I have resigned, no more new debt “Lord help me”. Where was your book? Its better late than never! God bless, always.



The book is available for only R134 from Exclusives or CNA near you. If you are struggling to get a copy from a bookshop near you, please order a copy directly from the publisher

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Warm regards



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