10 000 Copies Sold, Thank You South Africa & Land Bank

The book From Debt to Riches: Steps to Financial Success has sold over 10 000 copies. Thank you to all of you who are buying the book, I hope we are all growing wiser & wealthier together. I also want to say a BIG Thank You to Land Bank for buying copies for some of its employees and for inviting me to do workshops within the bank. A special thank you goes to Ms Mpule Dlamini, Chief HR Manager at the bank  & her staff who worked hard to ensure the coordination of the workshops across the country– thank you, nangomso

What this trainee accountant has to say about the monthly articles

Hi Phumelele, 

I have been subscribed to your ThuthukaSA newsletter for almost two years now. I may be in the finance field but I am quite clueless with everyday living when it comes to my money. The topics you tackle are actually topics I want to hear and read about as a young person. I am not in any debt nor am I investing anywhere. I am 25years old, unmarried and still a trainee. I have one account with Game (I took a fridge when I moved from res to a flat). I recently took out a credit card with my bank for “emergencies”. It’s been two months with the card and I haven’t used it. I don’t intend using it foolishly. The temptations are there but not much to make me use it.

I also opened a savings account with my bank, where I put I put away however much I can every month and I can withdraw the money whenever. My current account and savings were linked and whenever I ran out of money in my current account, I had no worry cos I could use my savings. So I realised I’m defeating the whole purpose of the savings account, I no longer have them linked now. And I have managed to keep my savings the past two months. Early stages , I know, but it makes me feel good and motivated to carry on.

I have read all the horror stories of debt and my fear of being in debt has helped me not to venture into clothing accounts since my varsity days. My friends and colleagues are sinking in clothing store debt. While I managed to buy what I wanted and needed cash.

I’m venturing into a new chapter in my life. I want to be in control of everything and to be aware of what I let into my life and pockets. And since I have been following your advice in some instances through the newsletters, I have decided to make From Debt to Riches my first read. My life coach has instructed me to read more and frankly, I find your book worth reading as it will widen my understanding of my finances. And what better way to grow as a person than to first be in-charge of ones finances. 🙂

So my email is basically a “thank you” for the work you do. A thank you for the teachings. A thank you for the changes you are about to factor into my life through your book. I will definitely keep emailing you as I progress.

God bless you in many, many ways!!


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Available at CNA, Exclusives bookshops, Adams and many other bookshops across South Africa for only R134. You may also order through Kalahari

Warm regards



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