Over 11 000 copies sold, thank you South Africa & a special thank you to SASSA North West

I would like to thank each person that has bought a copy of my book. I also want to say a BIG Thank You to SASSA NW Management especially Nthabiseng Mosieleng & Kutlwano Mokoena for inviting me to address their women in August, 2014. Ngiyabonga, nangomso.

Are you wondering if you too should buy the book? What a few readers have to say about the book

Hi Phumelele

I have read your book “from debt to riches” I must say that it is enlightening and empowering. I personally believe that it is a book that every woman should read and have.

Nthabiseng Mosieleng

Hi Phume,


I finally paid off my UNISA debt. I’m debt free. Few months of giving up comfy living and I finally paid off my outstanding fees!!!!!! 🙂

I’m just super-excited. Thank you so much for your guidance and your wonderful book.


Dear Phumelele

What a wise woman! Brilliant book! This book really is meant for us black people as we spend very carelessly.  We like to impress people with expensive cars & designer clothes hence we buy these things on credit.

I love the book so much and I read it over & over again.  I wish I bought this book two years ago, I would have been in a different position by now.

Thanks Phumelele so much, may God Almighty increase your wisdom and help poor people out there to get out of debt.

What a Book!

Thabi Phehlukwayo

Hi Phume

My name is Siphumelele and I’m a 23year old female from KZN. I went to exclusive books to look for books about wealth and how to accumulate it and reduce debt when I found From Debt to Riches, WOW…Firstly I was so happy to find a book about the subject written by a South African who was living in the country and who understands my experiences.

I bought a car almost a year ago and I know I can’t afford it. I’m paying R4 300 which is just a bit more than the minimum repayment (R4 052) and the interest rate is linked to prime so it changes with the change of the prime rate. Its currently 12.26%, and I’ve made a commitment to myself to pay R4 500 from my bonus each year. I also have a balloon payment which is about R60 000. This car loan is my only debt basically. I don’t have a credit card, store card or any furniture store accounts, no cellphone contract, LUTHO, I paid it all up without having to go through debt review.

I do have a retirement annuity, as well as  life cover. I also just recently paid my first satrix debit order and I’m happy I had something’s in your book that were recommended. I just want to finish paying off the car loan and start saving towards a deposit for a home, as you recommend in your book. Please help with any advice of how I can pay that loan off faster.

My only regret is I wish I had read your book before I started working 2years ago. I know I would have made better choices, but I’m glad it came when it did, although I’ve made mistakes (buying a car I can’t afford) I now know better. 

Thank you for that wonderful book, I wonder if you know how amazing you are and how many people including myself you have helped and will continue to help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.





So there you go, you heard it first hand from just a few people. My next step is to put all these people on a plan to start building a foundation for financial independence and success. So if you need a financial advisor, contact me or call 011 781 3351.

For your own copy, visit Exclusives or CNA near you. The book is only R134 a copy

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Warm regards


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