We All Need Help to Grow Our Businesses

For some of us, entrepreneurship is a long, hard, lonely and difficult road. That is why 80% of the businesses close doors within 2 years. In my long road, I have also experienced tough times, lonely times, times of despair and sometimes I have wondered if I am not just plain stupid; I have wondered if I shouldn’t just close the doors, dust up my degree certificates and look for a job and forget about my vision. My purpose is simple; write and talk as much as possible about money so that I could improve the chances for all of us to live a life full of financial abundance and success. But there are times when it has been really quiet, when no one calls me to invite me to come and do a talk or a workshop in his or her company. But I have learned to press on, do the best that I can and continue to hope for the best. It was during such a time that I received this simple email from one of the readers of my monthly articles.

 Dear Phume,

 I have been reading your emails for some time now and I am inspired. Inspiration without action is useless. Please phone me at this number [she gave me her office number]. I am the HR Director for XYZ [one of the multinational Diagnostics company] and we can use your services in my company.


Motsei Faith Masilo

 This was around June 2014. I did not believe it! I pulled myself together and recited my sales pitch and gave Faith a call. To cut a long story short, I was given a retainer by her company. I have done lots of wonderful work with her staff members. I have watched with delight as people close off their accounts, take a pair of scissors and cut their credit cards and clothing store cards into pieces, reduce their debts, move to more affordable accommodation, take independent life cover, start to invest money for a deposit for a home, pay more into their home loans so that they can pay off their homes before they go on retirement, invest money so that they can  have funds to pay off residual on their cars when it is due, start investing for the university education of their children, and one employee  even registered to further his studies, etc…Faith bought my book for each of their employees,  gave them a month to read the book and I did a presentation to them during their wellness week. The reason for discussing money matters during their wellness week is that Faith understood that money could make you sick literally and figuratively.

I remain eternally grateful to this big corporate client for giving me the lifeline I needed. But Faith did not stop there. She has since introduced me to a number of influential people. One of these is Tryphina Moleke.

Faith realised that I was struggling. I would send her emails around midnight and in the early hours of the morning. She then suggested that I should consider hiring someone to look after my administration while I run around raising business. This way, I could spend my time focusing on what I was good at.  She actually helped me conduct the job interviews.

Q: What did Tryphina do for me?

 A: After Faith had helped me to hire the right person for the job; she then introduced me to Tryphinah. Tryphinah works with young graduates, amongst many of her other offerings. She is coaching my administrator, Charles, on soft skills. She is helping him breach the gap between university and the world of work. I have seen Charles become more confident and articulate in a space of just 3 months. I have also been receiving indirect coaching from Tryphinah. She is helping me to improve my staff relations. Sometimes tensions between employers and employees are caused by poor communication skills, lack of time to do the coaching and as entrepreneurs, we need to train and retain our staff so that we can give our businesses a chance to grow. We cannot afford high staff turnover rates and we need to get our staff to be productive as soon as we can.

Tryphina also helps with Seta registrations to access grants and trains employees and employers on basic labour relations issues, amongst many other services she offers. Visit her website to get a full listing of her other services and a sense of how she has helped other clients by reading the reviews posted there.

We all need help to grow our businesses. I thought I should share with you what Tryphinah does and maybe you too can approach her and get the much – needed help to coach your staff members. This way we can all employ young people with a lot of potential and at the same time get the assistance we need to grow our businesses.


Warm regards


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