Over 18 000 copies of the book sold, Thank You South Africa & Remember to buy the book as a Christmas present

It is truly gonna be a very merry Christmas. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you are growing from leaps to bounds as you continue to read the book and empower yourselves. I went to Sindi’s housewarming party on Saturday. It was truly great to see someone who was heavily indebted just 2 years ago and now she owns her own home. She related her story about how she didn’t even have R130 in her credit card 2 years ago to buy the book when she saw it at CNA but she went back when she had the money and she is glad for having taken that first leap of faith.

Remember to get a copy for your loved ones, it is the best Christmas gift you can give someone you care about especially given the tough economic challenges we are facing as a country. The drought & the resultant high food prices have added to our financial woes, small businesses are closing and over 600 000 people have lost their jobs. If you know anyone who is graduating or starting in a new job, you would be giving them a financial head-start if you buy them a copy.

What are you going to do in 2017 to make it a better year? As for me, I am going to budget in earnest. I must confess that I am a culprit and I don’t follow all the advice I give in my own book – but hey I am human. With the tough economic environment we are facing, I am going to look at my budget with a fine tooth comb and do away with anything that I can do without. I will be running a lean and mean budget in 2017.

The book is available for only R145 a copy at CNA, Bargain books, Adams, Exclusives and other bookshops. Visit and read all the articles and listen to the UkhoziFM podcasts on our Facebook page

I wish you a happy Christmas and an even happier and prosperous 2017


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