Government Employees Relieved of GARNISHEE ORDERS

Government investigated 121 000 garnishee orders amounting to nearly R71,5million issued against its employees. By January 2017, Government had reduced the number of deductions by 35 000 and identified 7 450 irregular garnishee orders. More than 43 000 have been relieved of garnishee orders where balances were exaggerated, excessive interest was charged or excessive legal fees.

Source: Personal Finance 25 Feb 2017 full article written by Angelique Arde
The question is, when will other employers follow suit and help their employees who have garnishee order problems? If you are employed by a small company or in a private home, you better stay away from too much debt as chances are very slim that your employer will be able to assist you.

The above also point to the need for full review of all garnishee orders in the system as this clearly shows that a large % of garnishee orders are irregular.

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