Are you going to die in an accident?

Sounds silly to ask such a question, doesn’t it? This is a question I often ask my customers and they look at me with surprise. The reason I ask them if they will die in an accident is because when I ask them if they have life cover they answer Yes. I am now cautious so I double check and download their policies and investments and sometimes I find that they have NO life cover. What they have is actually Accident Cover. This means that if they die from natural causes, their accident cover will not pay because Accident cover only pays if you die in an accident. By the way even highly educated customers have Accident Cover and they think they have life cover. Like most of us, they never read their policy documents. So they pay thousands of Rands for cover that might not pay out in the end. Yes we have lots of accidents, but you cannot just have accident cover on its own. You must have life cover and then add accident cover if you believe that the nature of your job or your lifestyle exposes you to a high risk of dying in an accident

So do you have life cover or do you have accident cover? I suggest you read your policy document lest you die and leave your family destitute.

Make sure that you have proper life cover and you have a Will in place so that your life cover payout is used for the benefit of your children & dependents in case of an untimely death. For proper life cover, drop me an email at I will also assist you to draft a Will.

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