How I managed to save Khosi R772 in life cover insurance premiums

Life has been tough for most of us in the past few years and with the increase in VAT and fuel levies, things are going to get tougher. Usually, we tend to cancel policies during tough times and we tell ourselves that we will reinstate them when the financial situation improves. I am here to urge you to rather shop around for cheaper insurance cover as you simply don’t know what the future has in store for you. This is also the time to ensure that you get a financial advisor that will give you holistic financial advice and in the process, save you some money.

I am amazed when I see how much some people are paying for insurance policies. Some continue to pay expensive credit assurance premiums for their homes and cars. Funeral cover as a stand-alone also tends to be expensive because there is no underwriting. Below is the real life case study of Khosi, one of my customers, who has given me permission to share her story with you.

I wish to summarise the key points of our discussion as follows;
We went through your financial needs analysis form and we calculated the following for you;
  • Home – R1,5 million: this is the amount of the home you are likely to buy in the future
  • Debts – R500 000: this is for the car and other small debts
  • Inheritance – R2 million: R1 million for each child
  • Other – R1 million: this is for estate costs and any other unforeseen costs
We therefore agreed that you need life cover of at least R5 million and we added critical illness and funeral cover for yourself and your children. This life cover costs you R565. You are currently paying R1 337 with your 3 life covers and funeral covers. It is therefore better for you to take 1 life cover that covers everything. You can cancel the other life covers and we will give you a replacement form in this regard. You will therefore save R772…

So in the end, Khosi got life cover as well as her retirement annuity without paying an additional cent.


So if you are looking for a financial advisor that will give you holistic financial advice and save you money wherever possible, drop me an email

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