Why Phumzile bought her car through ThuthukaSA

Phumzile is one of our first customers to buy a car through us. As a very busy Director, she found the experience of buying her car through us easy and convenient. She received phone calls and emails with brochures of the car she wanted to buy. Her finance was organised for her and she received preferential interest rates and as if that was not enough, she also got a discount on the car! She only went to the dealership to take delivery of her NEW car. If she wanted to trade-in her car, she would have received help with that too.

You can buy the following cars through dealerships across South Africa:
*Chevrolet  *Commercial  *Datsun *Ford  *Honda  *Isuzu  *Jaguar  *Land Rover  *Lexus *Volvo   *Mazda  *Mitsubishi  *Nissan  *Opel  *Renault * Subaru *Suzuki  *Toyota

As a financial advisor, I have seen far too many people who are struggling financially because they bought a car that was above their means. In the process, they throw away their financial security and invite pain, anxiety, stress and headaches as we face the risk of losing the car through a repossession or the car is taking far too much money out of their monthly incomes. After preaching for many years about buying the right car for our budgets, I decided to sell cars.

I sell NEW cars only. Chapter 5 of my book From Debt to Riches is entitled, Is your car driving your destiny? I have also written several articles on buying a car and you can find all of them in my blog and I would advise that you read the articles before you buy a car, especially if it is your first car. You cannot afford to buy a car that is not the right car for your budget. I also assist people by giving them a budget which shows the Total Cost of Buying a car.

Get up to 12% discount on your NEW car

Buy a car through ThuthukaSA and get a discount and preferential interest rate

Are you planning to buy a car on balloon?

I can no longer afford my car installments, what do I do?

So if you are planning to buy a NEW car, talk to us, we will not just get you a discount and preferential interest rate, we will also assist you to ensure that you fully understand the total cost of buying a car.

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