Financial Wellness Talk to Teachers

The OM Survey has confirmed that our youth are drowning in debt because of financial illiteracy. At ThuthukaSA, we have discovered that many people struggle with their finances because we are NOT taught how to manage money at school/varsity.

Are you a teacher? Would you like us to address you and your colleagues on Money Management Matters? We are willing to address teachers on personal finance management as we believe that Educating a Teacher is Educating a Nation. We are confident that our teachers will share the information with their students.

ThuthukaSA Financial Wellness Talks2

Some of the topics we will address are:
  1. Top 3 money wasters that we should all avoid
  2. Why your personal loan will make you personally poor
  3. 10 Steps to get out of debt – without you resigning from your job
  4. How to save for university education of our children
  5. Difference between Saving & Investing
  6. Tax-free investments
  7. How to prepare for a financially secure retirement
  8. How to make sure that your pension does NOT die when you die
  9. Why using a mortgage originator is good for you when you are buying a home
  10. Why Further loans, Refinance & re-advance loans are better than personal loans
  11. Why a consolidation loan might not be a good idea for you
  12. 5 Things to teach your kids about money
  13. Help with drafting your Will and lots more.

To book a session for your school, you need to buy at least 10 copies of the book From Debt to Riches, this will cost you R1 500.

Please pass this on to any teachers you might know!

To book your session email or phone 011 568 2635 or 011 568 7692.

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