We Answer Your Retrenchment Questions

Retrenchments continue in our country. In the last few weeks, we have been receiving emails with various questions on retrenchments. We have asked our associate who is an expert on HR matters, Glenda van Wyk, to help answer some of the most common questions.

Q: I am retrenched and I have accumulated a number of leave days, should I be paid for my leave days?
Leave is a statutory benefit and is payable when a contract of employment is terminated under all circumstances, including retrenchments.

Retrenchment advice
Q:  We are retrenched and we have been given 1 months’ notice period – isn’t the notice period supposed to be 3 months?
The notice period is normally indicated in the contract of employment and affected employees should refer to the clause  in their contracts.

Q: Would I qualify for UIF if I take a retrenchment package?
YES, Retrenched employees qualify for UIF benefits.

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Glenda van Wyk is the Founder & MD of GVW HR Consulting

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