How Mom Turned R300 to R14 million for her son

Just when we finished consulting on her own staff, I spoke to Nono* about opening a retirement annuity for her 2 kids aged 13 and 15 years old. She sounded surprised and said, “ oh, I never thought it was possible to open an RA for young children?” I then explained to her that an RA is the best investment we can do for our children because;

  • They cannot have access to the funds until they are 55 years old
  • The monthly contributions start at just R300 – most of us can easily waste away R300 monthly
  • The kids can take over the contributions when they start working
  • Growth in an RA is tax-free; you are only taxed at withdrawal
  • The compound growth effect will turn the R300 into millions because of the term of the investment

She then asked me to do the quotes for her 2 kids and below is what we found:


Nono’s daughter is 15 years old and because she is 2 years older and the number of years to age 55 is 39 years, her Total estimated fund value for the same scenario was R11,5 million

So if you want your kids to be multi – millionaires at age 55, contact us

Nono* is NOT her real name

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