Invest in FAANGs i.e. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and other leading technology firms

Some of us have iPads, iPhones and are also on Facebook so it is time to invest in the technologies that we use daily

Sygnia has launched FAANG Plus Equity Fund. Key information on the Fund

  • It is the first fund of its kind in South Africa
  • It is 100% offshore
  • Benchmark is the New York Stock Exchange FANG+ Index
  • Suited for people with a high appetite for risk, who can withstand high volatility in performance and who want long-term capital growth
  • Minimum recommended investment term  is 5 years

This Fund has a high risk profile as it is predominantly invested in global equities and emerging technologies. So it is subject to normal equity market risks as well as exchange rate risks and legal and regulatory risks. I would NOT recommend that you put all of your money into this single fund but rather that you use it in conjunction with other funds

The Rand is depreciating against the Dollar and if the rating agencies downgrade us further, the Rand is expected to depreciate even further. Investing in the FAANGs and other offshore funds is definitely a good strategy.

By the way with Netflix, the monthly subscription is R150 so if you are still on DSTV, maybe you want to upgrade and pay less with Netflix.

If you want to invest in the FAANGs email us

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