Friday 23 November 2018 is Black Friday – how stokvels can make the most of it

2018 has been a tough year and life is still going to be tough in South Africa for the foreseeable future. As I was thinking of communicating to the stokvels that we invest money for, I thought I might as well share this message with all other stokvels. Soon, Black Friday advertisements are going to be all over the place and thereafter, there will be Christmas adverts. So as you see the adverts coming up, keep the following in mind;

  • We are in recession
  • Petrol price is very high
  • Food prices are very high
  • Water prices increased by about 15% in July

Things will continue to be bad in 2019

  • 2019 school fees to increase by 10%
  • Electricity prices to increase in April
  • Retrenchments expected to continue

ThuthukaSA Tips

So if you are a member of a stokvel, I suggest that you meet at the end of October and agree to distribute your savings to each other by the 16th of November. I trust you do EFT transfers and use debit cards rather than cash so that you are safe. SHOP NOW on Black Friday so you buy at a discount. Do NOT shop just before Christmas as everything will be more expensive.

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF A STOKVEL? Do you want to invest your money rather than save it with a bank? We do tax-free investments for stokvels that want to grow their money and some of these investments are offshore. We invest for people who want to put money away for university fees for their children, deposit on their first car or first home, top up their retirement savings, build up capital to enable them to start their own business, etc…

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