How to teach your kids about money

More and more of my customers are realizing that they have made mistakes with their money because no one taught them about money. So they want to teach their kids about money from an early age. Below are just a few tips that I share with my customers

1.       Teach them to save by buying them a money box

2.       Teach them the difference between income and expenses

3.       Help them to draw a simple budget

4.       Open a kiddie’s bank account for them

5.       Teach them to delay gratification by saving for some of their wants e.g. Christmas presents

Below is an example I shared with one of my customers, her daughter is just 7 years old

So if you are a parent, you can use the above example to teach your kids too.

If you want to open a tax-free investment account for your kids, you can contact me. The monthly contribution is R500

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