Book review for Sibongile Chabalala, Honours in BSc Pharmacology Graduate

When Bongi read chapter 6 on budgeting, she actually realised that she was spending a lot of money on her cellphones, data, airtime, etc…. See below.
Have you read the book? What revelations did you get about yourself when you read Chapter 6 entitled Your Budget and What It Says About YOU?

Bongi’s Review

Total $ spent on talking monthly = R890!!!!

Thank you so much for the book! It is definitely one of my best reads of the year.

My learnings are as follows:

-There is such a thing as good debt e.g. loan to extend your house
-Not carrying store cards (or points cards in my case) at all times unless you specifically intend on buying   from a particular store
-The different types of interest rates e.g. repo rate, different types of interest on a home loan (fixed vs capped)
-Some credit cards have an interest-free period
-The importance of a budget
-Saving towards retirement early on

Chapter 16:in its entirety [The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Exchange]

I have already recommended that my friends and family read this book!

I am particularly glad that Bongi is committed to starting to save for her retirement as soon as possible. Her children will definitely never complain about Black Tax.

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