Book Review with Matlhoko Keutlwile. BSc Medical Sciences graduate

I am pleased that Keutlwile did NOT just read the book but she actually formulated her own Financial Plan. I hope that you too will craft your own financial plan, once you have read the book

Review by Keutlwile 
This book has taught me a lot and opened my eyes through some pointers that caught my attention more than others e.g. “ Get into the habit of saving money then buying furniture cash, in the beginning it will feel like a punishment”. Saving for the things I want feels like I am depriving myself happiness but if I do however purchase on credit I later regret because of having to pay for an item months on end and get calls if I miss a payment and even end up paying only interest on that item before I can start paying for the item itself.

Some of the things I learnt;

  • The term credit score was a term I didn’t know and how important it is. Now I know that I must have a good credit score in order for me to purchase a house.
  • Getting your credit score is free online.
  • The longest time the credit bureaus can keep information about you is 5 years or until judgement is withdrawn by the court of law.

Most of us come from a background of having to work so hard for materials things immediately after getting a job to show our parents how proud they must be of us. We buy beautiful cars before buying or investing in property. We do not insure our assets and the first thing when we die, creditors come into our homes to take what can no longer be paid for every month and was not insured. One biggest highlight for me was that I can use my life cover to insure some of my valuable assets instead of having to pay ‘credit life’ on all your assets. 
Finally, I would like to be a home owner because I think it is a good investment since it is one of those assets that appreciate and don’t lose value and secondly I have a child, they need stability and the surety that when I die I have provided a roof over their head. Lastly buying a house is cheaper than renting someone else’s property not knowing when they’ll say knock-knock it is time go.
My Financial Goals

  1. I would like to get out of debt completely and start saving 10% of my salary
  2. I would like to buy my first house by the end of 2020
  3. I would like to go on holiday with my son this year
  4. I would like to buy my mother a car
  5. I would like to start my own business

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