Our Youth Want to be Taught How to Save Money

I wrote this on our Facebook Page

WHAT MONEY lessons do you wish you were taught at school? PLEASE RESPOND. Inbox

I was amazed at the responses I got and some of these were emailed to me so there was no peer influence. Every single person that responded said they wish they were taught to save while they were young. Below is just one example

Simphiwe responded and said “The importance of saving at a very young age, I was not going to struggle with it even at this age

So parents, I would NOT wait for a school to teach my kids about Saving. Now that you know what the kids wish you taught them while they were young, I suggest you buy them piggybanks so they start while they are small and by the time they are adults, it will just be easier. I think we all know about saving but the challenge is to actually START. As a Financial Services Provider, we encourage all of us to open Money Market Investment accounts and Tax Free Investments.

We are all creatures of habit so please do NOT teach your kids to buy clothes on credit by giving them clothing store cards.

At ThuthukaSA, we address teachers, university students, stokvel groups, churches, young graduates on learnerships,  etc… on all issues relating to money. We are focussing a lot more on Early Retirement Packages that Government is offering to it’s employees at the moment because we want you to make an informed decision about this.

If you want me to address you on money management, drop us an email Ts & Cs apply

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