Will you lose everything when you partner dies?

Do you know that if you are cohabiting with someone, and you are NOT married to them, you might lose everything when your life partner dies?

Zethu*, not her real name, had been living with the father of her children for  many years. They had 3 kids together. Her life partner bought a home for them when they had their 2nd child. Then it happened, he died unexpectedly. During his funeral, his family took his car, they never returned it. Before she knew it, the family home was gone too. How could this be, you might be wondering.

The father of her children died without a Will. If you die without a valid Will it means you die intestate. The Intestate Succession Act determines how your estate will be distributed. The Intestate Succession Act does NOT recognise cohabiting partners as a spouse. That is why Zethu did not get anything when her partner died. The Act does not even recognise cohabiting partners as blood relatives for inheritance. The children would inherit because they are blood relatives of the deceased.

So if you are living with someone and you want to ensure that they do not suffer when you die, get a Will drafted. At ThuthukaSA, we draft Wills for our customers ONLY. So if you want us to help you draft a Will, you would have to be one of our customers. We do NOT charge a fee for a Will hence we do Wills for our customers only. watch this VIDEO for some information on the seminar

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