Want to Travel for free & work overseas?

When I read about this in the Saturday Star, I thought it was worth sharing with you as there are many young unemployed graduates and others who have been retrenched from their jobs that could use this opportunity to travel and work overseas – while they think of what their next step in life could be

There are small towns across the world, especially in the developed countries where populations are declining, they are faced with aging populations as the younger generation do not want to have children. Japan is just one example of such nations where there are more adult diapers being sold than baby nappies! These towns are therefore faced with labour shortages. Some are now offering people the opportunity to travel in exchange for labour, not money.

Small towns in Europe are struggling with low populations as the younger generation move to big cities. Examples are in Antikythera, Greece, Albinen, Switzerland and Molise region in Italy. Google Councillor Antonio Tedeschi from Molise, he has developed a plan offering people more than $27 000 (around R401 544) to relocate to one of Molise’s villages where there are barely any locals left, he is hoping to revitalise the economy. The payment will be made in $700 per month payments over the course of 3 years to successful applicants who agree to start a small business in the region.

Also search Workaway, it is an online community that offers travel and cultural exchange – it offers opportunities to volunteer or work in 178 countries.

If you enjoy farm life, you can search for WWOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. WWOOF volunteers are expected to work on a farm for about 4 to 6 hour a day in exchange for boarding, food and the chance experience local life. To be able to access the WWOOF database to find an opportunity then you must pay an annual membership of $20 to $50

Photographers, artists, painters, historians, science writers & children’s novelists can travel to Antarctica, search for Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, AAW

Please note that we do not have any further information than what is shared here. If you are interested in any of the opportunities, search online for further details

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