Earn R55 a copy selling SA Best Seller; From Debt to Riches

There are many people who want to read the book From Debt to Riches but they struggle to get a copy from the bookshops. The book has sold close to 

26 000 copies. So if you want to make money by distributing the book, contact us on You can buy the copy from the publishers at R94,25 and the retail price is R150, so you would make a tidy R55 per copy for yourself.
To avoid delivery charges, you must order a minimum of 6 copies = R565,50c. This is only within South Africa. You can be a CASH buyer or a CREDIT buyer. To be a credit buyer, you must undergo credit checks and you must then pay for the books ordered within 30 days.
What some of the readers say about the book
Nthabiseng, FB says My bibleshocking truths in your book. I love the fact that I could relate to it.

Adrienne Bogatie Mine too, It has all these place markers for things that stood out and that I need to reread.
Nyawa Mathivha I have two savings accounts, emergency account and investment account . All thanks to Thuthuka SA for teaching me on how to have a balanced financial life
Adrienne Bogatie Thuthuka SA Thank you, I used your book for ideas for my blog posts on budgeting and debt. I have also made my son read it!
Sindisiwe Mthabela I haven’t finished reading, I’m on “Wills” chapter. I think this book is like a bible. Every home should have & refer to in our everyday life NOT financial decisions only. It makes one see pros & cons of whatever decision made and effects towards generation to come. I wish I’d had it earlier. 
Nthabi Mabhena I wish this book was released when I started working I’m sure today I was going to be an owner of properties not cars but I’m glad I have purchased two bonds because of this book
Anna Anikie Moabelo I’m also one of the buyers – bought mine for myself, my son & a gift for an aspiring young womanThe best!!

Nthabi Mabhena When I read about credit life Mmmm and life cover and fundisa fund and debt review and debt mediation I love this book

Moroka Mokgaga One of the best book to read with easy English does not need a dictionary

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