Invest in the Oxford Science Innovation [OSI] Fund

The Sygnia OSI fund invests in shares of Oxford Sciences Innovatin Plc – a company that has partnered with the University of Oxford to convert its patents and research ideas into commercial enterprises and in select spin-out companies that have achieved scale and success, while having a positive impact on humanity. The fund prioritises investments in companies which through technology- driven innovation are revolutionising the provision of healthcare and reducing the impact of climate change. OSI’s Investment Principals work with academics to turn a patent into a spin-out business. They help to build the management team and develop the product through to revenue generation.
OSI was launched in June 2015, raising 600 million British Pounds in capital from leading global asset management firms. OSI acts as the seed investor and deploys the capital it raised to commercialise specific investment opportunities that it identifies as having potential exponential future value in fields such as genomics, AI, fintech, quantum computing, etc… So far, 73 companies have been spun out of the Oxford University via OSI. 4 years since OSI was set up, the market capitalisation has risen to 708 million British Pounds as at June 2019.

Return in British pounds since inception is 18,1%
Risk Profile
The fund has a HIGH risk profile because it invests in OSI which in turn invest in unlisted companies. It is an offshore fund exposed to general market risk, exchange rate risk, liquidity risk and legal and regulatory rsiks.
Why the fund is likely to grow exponentially
OSI spin – out ideas are based on years of rigorous scientific research & supported by significant R&D spend by the Oxford University, they are tested and validated by professional researchers & academics, subject to peer review and overseen by global business leaders and investors acting as funders and advisors.
How to Invest
The fund is available through the RA, Pension Preservation, Endowment and Living Annuity. The fund is a Life Policy, it is NOT a collective investment. You can invest a minimum of R5 000, one-off, monthly or adhoc
Some of the spin-out companies
OSLER Decentralised Diagnostics – is creating portable diagnostic devices that enable anyone, anywhere and at any time to test for the majority of biomarkers quickly, cheaply and accurately from just a drop of blood
ULTROMICS  AI of echocardiography [ultrasound ] –  The most widely diagnostic tool used is ultrasound and qualitative clinical interpretation. Evidence suggests that at least 20% of coronary artery disease scans are misdiagnosed. Ultromics EchoGo’s technology reduces the error rate of diagnosing coronary artery disease by 50%
EVOX Revolutionary drug delivery system – modifies exosomes to facilitate targeted drug delivery to organs of interest to treat serious disease such as cancer
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