Why I sent Rethabile to ABSA on her Journey out of debt – video part 1

COMPETITION: How soon could Rethabile get out of her debt? Watch the video  to find out whyshe has 2 personal loans and 2 credit cards totalling
R85 730.
Rethabile is one of my customers and she also decided it is time she stops running away from her debt. Refer to page 25 of the book From Debt to Riches on how to complete the debt table. If she can pay her short-term unsecured debt, she will have an extra R4 517 monthly and then  increase her monthly bond repayment.

In this video, we talk about;

  • Why it is important to cut her credit cards while she is on the journey to get out of debt
  • Why I sent Rethabile to ABSA to apply for a re-advance loan of R48 000against her home loan

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