Adrienne has paid off Truworths, has R1 350 extra per month

It is always exciting to see people follow our advice and get out of debt.  Adrienne has finally paid off her Truworths account in full and she owes them R0.00.  She now has an extra R1 350 per month. She still has 5 more debts to pay. The next in line is Woolworths. She is paying R650 monthly instalments to Woolworths and will now increase by R1 350 to R2000.

Adrienne encountered the following challenges on her journey out of debt

  1. She was supposed to pay off the Truworths account at the end of February but she delayed by 1 full week.
  2. She has not closed the Truworths account, in case she wants to use it to buy a matric dance dress for her daughter
  3. Her Truworths limit is too high at R11 600
  4. She is tempted to buy an attire for her niece’s wedding, I don’t think it is a good idea

Will she pay her Woolworths off at the end of June? She is owing about R8 000 to Woolworths and with a new monthly instalment of R2000, she should finish paying off her Woolworths account at the end of June


IF you want extra money in your pocket every month, pay off your debts

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