How Rethabile paid off her 2 credit cards & 1 personal loan – Radio Interview tomorrow

On the 25th of February, I wrote about Rethabile’s 4 debts i.e. 2 credit cards and 2 personal loans. Tomorrow, she will be speaking to Radio Pulpit about how she managed to settle the 2 credit cards and 1 personal loan in just 3 weeks. She now has an extra R2 013 monthly. I want to emphasise that she did NOT use a Consolidation loan. I am not convinced that a Consolidation Loan is in anyone’s best interests – story for another day. She must still pay the Capitec Personal Loan of R55 893.

I have advised her to increase her Capitec personal loan instalment by R2000 from R2 509 so the new monthly instalment should be R4 500. I am awaiting confirmation from her that she has indeed increased the monthly instalment.

Tune into Radio Pulpit 657AM tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th at 13h30 to listen to Rethabile and how she managed to settle her debts.
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