Donate home-made FACE MASKs to SAVE LIVES – 3 CORONA Deaths are enough

President Ramaphosa informed us last night that there are 1 326 corona infections and 3 deaths so far. The elderly and township residents are amongst the most vulnerable due to overcrowding . Let us STOP CORONA infections and deaths. If you know someone who lives in a township or rural area who is sewing or can sew FACE MASKs, please send me their names and full contact details. As the elderly go to collect their pensions from SASSA, it is my wish that most of them will be wearing FACE MASKs. I NEED YOU to help me identify people in our communities who can sew face mask then I need EACH ONE OF YOU to donate just R100 or more if you can afford to. We must buy the Face Masks from our people and distribute them to;

  1. Old age homes
  2. Township School children when schools reopen
  3. Taxi drivers, I hope that if they are wearing masks, this will be one way to raise awareness
  4. And others who need them and cannot afford to buy them

We will request that the masks are White or other light colour, must be washed daily, hanged in the sun and ironed to kill any germs.

“Za jik’izinto – see more (CMO) than you alone – help turn each one into a Corona Ninja- sisonke we are stronger!”

I feel that it is important for us to donate an amount, as we ask others to do the same. We will therefore be donating the first R5000 to buy masks. Please share this message with others so we can all saves lives together.
To give you confidence that your money is accounted for and used correctly, we will be giving you the following report weekly;

  1. A List of Names of everyone who donated and the amount donated.
  2. We will also inform you of the Number of masks bought, from who and for how much
  3. We will also inform you of the school or old age home that the masks were donated to

 Pledges made as at Tuesday, 31 March 2020 are as follows;

We will only give the account number to those who have pledged their support so we can ACCOUNT FULLY for the funds received and how they were utilised. We appreciate you and respect your money so we will do our utmost to be transparent and give full disclosure

Please donate at least R100 to this initiative so we can SAVE LIVEs

Thank you

Share this knowledge with your loved ones