Thank you for DONATING for FACE MASKS, R6 300 received on Day 1, More Still to come

THANK YOU SOUTH AFRICA for donating towards the Face Masks. We can help prevent the spread of corona by wearing masks.
Dr Shabir Moos, M.Med, MBA, PhD In his paper Masks4all in Africa writes; “We are still early in this epidemic, especially in Africa. Lockdowns are going to damage our economy and several countries have shown that everyone, YES, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E wearing a mask (even a home-made one) can reduce our lockdown and/or prevent another lockdown.
Thank you to the following ladies for their generosity, kwande!

We hope to source some of these beautiful masks, still tracking down the seamstress 

Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Dr Shabir continues
“The important principle is that anyone with the virus (especially in crowded townships) will not pass it on to others before they have symptoms. If everybody does it then we can reduce the transmission. If we start now we can ensure that the 60 million people in South Africa and the 1.2b in Africa have one in three weeks. Use this time well!”
PLEASE Let us listen to the good doctor and sew face masks & get all of us to wear them, especially in public.
Looking forward to getting more donations today
Warm regards

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