You don’t have to wear face masks, but you should: Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

one of the first few deaths from Corona was in Alexandra. High density areas like Alex, Khayelitsha and other areas are at the highest risk of having more infections. The elderly are also at a higher risk of being infected. The taxi industry was not happy with the guidelines for social distancing and these had to be revised. What does this means for commuters, especially after lockdown? It is for this reason that our first order of 100 masks will go to Alexandra township to be delivered to the elderly. With your help, we can sew more face masks and assist with containing the virus. We have raised R7 120 so far, see full report below.
Dr Shabir Moos, M.Med, MBA, PhD In his paper Masks4all in Africa writes;
“Make fabric masks for those sick in crowded clinics and township households….. We are very aware of the limits and challenges with fabric masks. We are advising people to sew higher quality masks, use it appropriately and to make sure they clean them well and regularly”

We have already identified several women, most of them from the townships, that will be sewing masks for South Africa. We are going to show them how to sew high quality masks as shown in this video
Please continue to donate so we can save more lives. Corona is going to affect all of us, we cannot wait for our government to do everything for us – we must do what we can, we what we have to save our own lives.
For the record, ThuthukaSA is NOT making any money or profit out of this. 

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